Office Policy for Patients

High Desert Oral Surgery & Implant Center believes that transparency is key to any good service. To ensure a smooth visit to our clinic, we recommend exploring our office policy ahead of time.

The following information will help to acquaint you with our office policies and procedures.

It is the intent of this office to provide for your oral surgery needs in a way that ensures your comfort. We believe that service to our patients is best when there is a complete mutual understanding, informed consent, trust and co-operation.

Generally, the procedure for a new patient in our office is as follows:

  1. The initial consultation appointment (except in cases of emergencies) is spent ensuring Dr. Harris is aware of all of your medical, dental and surgical needs. This includes a complete health history, any necessary examinations, viewing any x-rays, along with an informed consent process and possibly even an informed consent video. For your safety, please be as complete and honest about your health history.
  2. During the consultation we will discuss your oral surgery condition and recommend proper treatment. The fees for that recommended treatment will be outlined and any financial arrangements and insurance estimates can be discussed. At this point, predeterminations for your insurance can be sent.
  3. The fee for each service is based on the service to be rendered, as well as the time and risk associated for its completion. You will find our fees are in keeping with the quality of the service and the amount of contact time you have with Dr. Harris.
  4. When you have decided upon a treatment, you and our staff will make an appointment for that care which is agreeable for everyone involved.
  5. Unless Dr. Harris is treating an emergency, you should expect him to be on time, and we would appreciate the same courtesy. If you are excessively late for your appointment we may not have enough time provide the quality service you deserve. We reserve the right to reschedule late arrivals. This ensures we may still provide the next patient with quality care.

Everyone at High Desert Oral Surgery and Implant Center feels strongly that our patients deserve kind, open and comfortable care. It is our priority to listen to your needs and help you in anyway we can. Please don’t hesitate to let Dr. Harris or any member of the team know about your concerns, needs or questions.

In Return, We Believe We Must Expect From Our Patients:

  1. Commitment to making and keeping appointments. Should it be necessary to change an appointment, our patients give us forty-eight (48) business hours so that we can appoint the time to another patient. There will be a charge for last minute cancellations or if you do not show up for your appointment.
  2. A conscientious effort to follow all pre and post operative instructions.
  3. An understanding that surgical treatment carries inherent risk and complications can and do occur.
  4. An open willingness to let us know if there is a way to make your experience at High Desert Oral Surgery more pleasant and comfortable.

After hour/emergency calls are forwarded directly to Dr. Harris’ cell phone. We do not utilize an answering service so that Dr. Harris can better serve your post operative needs. Should he not be immediately available please leave a message, Dr. Harris will return your call within 2 hours, if not much sooner. If you believe your condition is life threatening, please go immediately to the emergency room or call an ambulance. However, the treatment or care that is available at an emergency room is extremely limited for oral and maxillofacial emergencies. Dr. Harris can’t call in drug refills without an examination to ensure you are not experiencing a complication.

Please reserve insurance, billing and other business related calls until regular business hours as Dr. Harris will be unable to answer you questions or aid you when not in the office.

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