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High Desert Oral Surgery, under the guidance of Dr. Brown “Skip” Harris III, DDS, boasts a committed team focused on delivering unparalleled oral and maxillofacial care. With a staff that is both skilled and empathetic, High Desert Oral Surgery transcends the typical dental practice, evolving into a sanctuary where the welfare of patients reigns supreme. Dr. Harris III’s leadership fosters an environment where expertise meets compassion, ensuring each individual receives not only the best treatment but also the utmost support throughout their journey to oral health. In essence, High Desert Oral Surgery isn’t just a clinic; it’s a haven where patients’ wellness is paramount.

Brown "Skip" Harris, III, DDS

Introducing Dr. Brown "Skip" Harris III DDS, a highly regarded oral and maxillofacial surgeon whose expertise transcends mere surgical skill, encompassing a diverse background that blends medical proficiency with business acumen. Dr. Harris epitomizes a commitment to excellence, perpetually driven by a thirst for knowledge and active involvement in community endeavors. Beyond his title as a surgeon, he stands as a beacon of dedication and innovation, shaping his field through his remarkable journey of growth and achievement. Delve into his comprehensive profile to uncover the depth and breadth of his impactful contributions and the inspiring trajectory of his career.

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