We will contact your insurance company to get an estimate of your benefits. Your insurance company will never guarantee payment or benefits over the phone or fax. While we will endeavor to provide you with an accurate assessment of what your insurance company says they will provide you, we can not be responsible if they ultimately deny anything for any reason.


Once we receive information from your insurance company, we will incorporate that information into your treatment estimate.


At your request, we can submit for a Pre-Determination of Benefits before any treatment begins. This is a significantly more accurate way to determine what benefits may be paid by your insurance company. Response time to receive information back from an insurance company is approximately 4-6 weeks. Remember, a pre-determination does not guarantee an insurance payment; it is only a more accurate way to attempt to determine what your insurance plan will pay.


We do not accept HMO or DMO insurance plans.


We will make every effort to help you manage your relationship with your insurance company; however, you will always be responsible for ensuring your bill is paid.




Statements are prepared and mailed on or about the 1st day of every month. After your insurance pays High Desert Oral Surgery, any patient who has a balance will automatically be sent a statement. Accounts not paid in full within ninety (90) days may be referred to a collection agency and are subject to interest charges. Should your insurance pay more than estimated, High Desert Oral Surgery will issue a refund within 30 days.


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