The treatment plan is only an estimate. On rare occasions, Dr. Harris may detect surgical issues which must be corrected to ensure a successful outcome of the procedure. Every effort will be made to discuss these issues prior to or during the procedure. Any additional cost associated with those needs will be explained by Dr. Harris and the patient and/or responsible party who will be responsible for those additional costs.




High Desert Oral Surgery is a fee for service office. Therefore, all fees are due at the time of treatment. If you do not have insurance, the total fee for your treatment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, and the following major credit cards:


Payment Plans


High Desert Oral Surgery, in cooperation with Care Credit, offers several payment plans to meet your needs. Financial arrangements made with Care Credit must be approved and received by our office prior to the day of treatment.




Our estimate for dental implants does not include the cost associated with the restorative treatment (i.e., the crown, abutment or denture placed on the implant(s)). This work will be billed directly by your general dentist who will be performing that work. Dr. Harris has no role in the fabrication of dental implants, screws, abutments or the final restoration and does not warranty the care provided by another practitioner or warranty the medical devices / Dental Implants.


As Dr. Harris has explained, implants or parts of implants can and do fail, bend or loosen. This rare occurrence is out of the control of Dr. Harris. Should an implant be rejected by the patient, the patient is responsible for the full cost associated with the redo of the implant or crown, should you choose to do so.




Our estimate for biopsies does not include the cost associated with the laboratory and pathologist. We will request a copy of your medical insurance information to send to the laboratory and pathologist so they can directly bill your medical insurance. High Desert Oral Surgery is not responsible for the billing practices of that third party.


Cancellation Policy


A cancellation fee of $150.00 may be assessed to your account for not showing up for your appointed time or for cancellations or rescheduling your appointment without a 48 business hours notification.


Leaving a message does not meet these requirements.


We prefer you call the office and speak directly with a staff member so that we may better serve your scheduling needs. We will charge for continual changes in schedule or broken appointments. If there are unusual circumstances surrounding the need to change a scheduled appointment, please let us know.


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